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Personally I love that picture and the experience that it offers!

Most people cannot say that….the experience of presenting to a group of people is uncomfortable for some….and terrifying for others.

Why? Because it still remains the #1 fear that people have.

Are you a part of that majority? Are you controlled by the FEAR of sharing YOUR knowledge. Information that YOU KNOW and understand….yet don’t have enough confidence to present your material?

You can change how you perceive that fear. You CAN control your fear, and actually present your material with confidence.

Two powerful techniques come into play here. And you can incorporate them and leave this fear of pubic speaking behind you.

The first technique is called Neural Linguistic Programming….commonly called –  N.L.P.

I want you to repeat this following sentence, word for word.

“I choose to be in control, feeling  calm and confident when I speak, is…

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Improve your confidence personally & professionally

Rejection and fear of failure can reduce your confidence in a heartbeat. A customer says no to your order, your boss says no to a raise, or a relationship you are in says “no” to going any further.
You feel “beat up from the feet up & tore up from the floor up!”
You are feeling pretty damn miserable…and you have every reason to do so. But you have to take a step back…in a figurative sense, and reclaim you!
Easier said than done when feeling pretty miserable. My mom used to say to me, “Well, Eileen you might as well go out to the back yard and go eat some green worms.”
Now that was disgusting to think about…but I certainly got the message.
Rejection simply hurts…in fact it sucks!
Think of the animals looking for their next meal….and their prey simply gets away again.
Now that IS rejection on the “gut” level…and they pay for it.
But this is in the power of your mind.
The late Henry Ford was known for many sayings, but this one I love the most.
“Think you can…think you can’t…either way you’re right!”
It becomes the power of your mind to “pick up the pieces” and start taking next steps to getting a level of confidence back up and realize how unique you are.
Take the time right now to list 3 or 4 things about you. I mean really take inventory. In the grind of day to day, you lose track of yourself. And then if rejection comes along….you focus back on yourself…BUT in a negative way.
No one can beat yourself up like you can, and no one can support you like you can.
In a more intense way….what would you say about yourself, and do for yourself in you only had 6 weeks left to live??? The immediacy of this dilema would force you to take note of what is important to you.

What makes you smile, feel good, bring you peace, and simply gives you an ok feeling about yourself?

Yeah I know this is a simply exercise, but it is a powerful one.
As Loretta LaRouche says, everyone should give themselves a “pat on the back” of confidence everyday.
Write and recognize your skills and talents. Tape them to the bathroom mirror and read them out loud to yourself.
Choose to recognize and respect the power of you.
The incredible, unique YOU!
The healing will come later with time….but do this first step for now.
More to come tomorrow!

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Make your summer sizzle with success!

I know the job market is tough, but you are the students who are going to change commerce. So many of you are going to be successful entrepreneurs, because current jobs are tough to find.

Lindsay Phillips created “Switch Flops” for changeable design flip flops, and she is  now a multi millionaire at the age of 25. She saw a market and focused on it.

You too can be creative, think of things that make you excited…that you would spend money on. Simply approach it thru a different angle and see how you can market it.

Hey if somebody made $5,000,000 selling “Pet Rocks” think of what you can sell successfully.

Go to it….and hope to read about your success on YouTube and the Wall Street Journal!


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Is the 2nd semester already here?

The partying was great, the grades maybe not so great. But now you have to get serious. Have a plan that can have flexibility and still allow fun. But have a plan. If you have not heard it yet, you will hear it again and again thru out the next several years……”Fail to plan….plan to fail!”

And it is the truth.

These college years are going to go by so fast, and you will be getting your diploma and your college payments sooner than expected. Maybe it is graduate school right away. Most companies want you to wait a little before getting it, but I know a lot of students that went directly  into “Grad” school and did just fine.

But May will be here, and your grades will have impact. As will the knowledge you have learned.

If the partying remains consistent at your school (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday) as it does at many; consider slowing it down….a little. Moderation really does work.

Have fun making new relationships.

Try not to get married right out of college. You may be so very much in love….but let some time past. Travel…..play….save…..and do it again. And then do it again. Take care of yourself first….learn about you, so that when you do share your life….make it a life that is fulfilled, and has an abundance of experiences to share with someone.

The “Confidence In College” – Attitude Gal

Eileen Strong

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Mid Term Mania….it’s almost here!

Believe it or not, those mid term tests are almost here. I have a great technique that will help you remember more and feel less angst when taking your tests. Here is the best way to remember more….

Whenever you are studying, always break it into 20 to  25 increments. Then take a 3 to 5 minute break…come back…sit down and study again for another 20 to 25 minutes. You can do this for 3 or 4 hours….if you need that much time to remember the data.

But this technique does work and you can change your patterns. I know, I know you have always studied like a marathoner…..into the night and staggering into class with all your freshly read data…but WHY beat yourself up so much.

Just this small change can improve your scores….and your GPA.

Try it you’ll like it  and the results that you get.

Call me into your college, so I can speak directly to your group to make even more “win-win” changes!

You can find me at ConfidenceInCollege.com

School will go by way toooooo fast. You’ll find out. Why not make it a better experience.  Technically you are there to learn…..remember more, and test easier. Now that is awesome.

Eileen Strong


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Friendship, Self Esteem and You!

Ever question how your friends really feel about you? Sometimes, the truth is that your friends can change. Maybe the chemistry just isn’t there anymore.
Remember, you really need only ONE BEST FRIEND….all the rest can be acquaintances that you can hang with.
A really good, good friend will be there with you….when it seems that the rest of the world has walked out on you.
I have a sign in my kitchen that says…..” A good friend will be there when you call….but a GREAT friend will be sitting next to you in the cell saying “Damn that was fun!”
Not that  great fun has to go to that extent…but it is kinda cool.
I still have my best friends from elementary school. You can show up at any time, anywhere in the country and even though months have passed…it will seem like you just saw them.
They are always there for you….anytime and anyplace.
But you have got to work at having friends. What you want from a friend is also what you have to put into a friendship. It is a two way street.
Make sure you are listening when they talk.
Be a great listener. And don’t comment right away. Sometimes a friend just needs and wants to talk.
Learn to be quiet.
Learn to listen.
Genuinely listen….and then respond.
Also learn to RESPOND NOT REACT!
Be the friend you want to be…that is the best friend YOU could ask for.
What you will get in return, will be a safe place that you can go to anytime.
The TV show “Friends” was a great show….how would you place your friends….if you were the casting agent?
Think about it.
It should bring a smile to your face.
Better yet….listen to Bette Midlers song……”But you gotta have friends”
It’s a great song to listen to with YOUR friends.
Keep Smiling,


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Keep your confidence as you start a fresh year at college!

Wanting to be accepted as you move into a new room or new dormitory is your priority. You simply

WANT TO FIT IN!  Everybody wants to be able to feel good about themselves. Are you judging yourself too harshly.

We really can beat ourselves up…and no one can do it as well as ourselves!  Give yourself the complete permission to be yourself. BREATHE IT IN….LET IT GO….BREATHE IT IN AGAIN…AND BE FRIENDLY…and BE YOURSELF.

My first roommate smoked cigars in the room and got away with it…..but when she took my clothes and wore them, was TOO MUCH.  She was 5 ft. 1″ and I’m 5′ 10″.  Now c’mon, that is quite a height difference. She simply had the “balls” to take what she wanted and NOT  care about the repercussions.

I left that roommate after 1 semester. Some things are simply not meant to work out.

With the pressure of classes, homework, money, acceptance & (rejection)….you’ve got a lot on your plate to handle.

If it is bothering you, what is taking place all around….write it down and shred it. No one needs to know about your angst….but you’ll feel better by writing it and shredding. In a way you got it off your chest and out of your mind. Hey this REALLY WORKS!

Seriously try this, it will give you a calmness and clarity to stay focused.  By staying focused you will be more at ease to accept new relationships, and let go of ones that you simply don’t need anymore.

Stay true to you. You’ll feel better and so will the people in your life!

At my website ConfidenceInCollege.com you get even more info. Let me know what’s going on.

Keepin the Attitude,


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