Make your summer sizzle with success!

I know the job market is tough, but you are the students who are going to change commerce. So many of you are going to be successful entrepreneurs, because current jobs are tough to find.

Lindsay Phillips created “Switch Flops” for changeable design flip flops, and she is  now a multi millionaire at the age of 25. She saw a market and focused on it.

You too can be creative, think of things that make you excited…that you would spend money on. Simply approach it thru a different angle and see how you can market it.

Hey if somebody made $5,000,000 selling “Pet Rocks” think of what you can sell successfully.

Go to it….and hope to read about your success on YouTube and the Wall Street Journal!



About eileenstrong

I am an award winning speaker and trainer who works with people to develop presentation skill that are credible and confident. My objective is to eliminate your fear of public speaking, the #1 fear that people have. And it does hinder them and hold them back. Discover how to take your presentations from confident to compelling! As a professional speaker and trainer my keynotes are on " Successfully Managing Change in the Corporate World" and "Conflict Communication - Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say and don't be Mean When You Say It!"
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