Improve your confidence personally & professionally

Rejection and fear of failure can reduce your confidence in a heartbeat. A customer says no to your order, your boss says no to a raise, or a relationship you are in says “no” to going any further.
You feel “beat up from the feet up & tore up from the floor up!”
You are feeling pretty damn miserable…and you have every reason to do so. But you have to take a step back…in a figurative sense, and reclaim you!
Easier said than done when feeling pretty miserable. My mom used to say to me, “Well, Eileen you might as well go out to the back yard and go eat some green worms.”
Now that was disgusting to think about…but I certainly got the message.
Rejection simply hurts…in fact it sucks!
Think of the animals looking for their next meal….and their prey simply gets away again.
Now that IS rejection on the “gut” level…and they pay for it.
But this is in the power of your mind.
The late Henry Ford was known for many sayings, but this one I love the most.
“Think you can…think you can’t…either way you’re right!”
It becomes the power of your mind to “pick up the pieces” and start taking next steps to getting a level of confidence back up and realize how unique you are.
Take the time right now to list 3 or 4 things about you. I mean really take inventory. In the grind of day to day, you lose track of yourself. And then if rejection comes along….you focus back on yourself…BUT in a negative way.
No one can beat yourself up like you can, and no one can support you like you can.
In a more intense way….what would you say about yourself, and do for yourself in you only had 6 weeks left to live??? The immediacy of this dilema would force you to take note of what is important to you.

What makes you smile, feel good, bring you peace, and simply gives you an ok feeling about yourself?

Yeah I know this is a simply exercise, but it is a powerful one.
As Loretta LaRouche says, everyone should give themselves a “pat on the back” of confidence everyday.
Write and recognize your skills and talents. Tape them to the bathroom mirror and read them out loud to yourself.
Choose to recognize and respect the power of you.
The incredible, unique YOU!
The healing will come later with time….but do this first step for now.
More to come tomorrow!


About eileenstrong

I am an award winning speaker and trainer who works with people to develop presentation skill that are credible and confident. My objective is to eliminate your fear of public speaking, the #1 fear that people have. And it does hinder them and hold them back. Discover how to take your presentations from confident to compelling! As a professional speaker and trainer my keynotes are on " Successfully Managing Change in the Corporate World" and "Conflict Communication - Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say and don't be Mean When You Say It!"
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