Summer Bummer…has it ever happened to you?

Trying to  get a job, when you are a student and only the menial jobs, if any are out there.  Has that happened to any of you?  What is happening to you as you try to earn money this summer. So many of you are ending up selling fries at Great Adventure, or doing day care, or delivering pizza. Yet even more of you can’t even find anyway of making any income.

Times are tough. Enough adults have taken the jobs that were waiting for you this summer. See how creative you can get. There is a way that you can earn income. Ask neighbors about odd jobs that you can help with. Go the local pet shelter and ask  for help with walking the animals or cleaning the kennels.

There is money to be made out there. Do not give up! Put flyers by the local 7 -11 store or Quick Check, or whatever the convenient store is near to you.

Do Pet Sitting (contact your local A.S.P.C.A.) or Baby Sitting with families in your neighborhood. You are known and they trust you.  Work at a day camp, or tutor a subject that you “rock” at.

There is money out there waiting for you to earn it!

I’ll speak at your sorority or fraternity or college club regarding your confidence in relationships, taking tests or interviewing

Go to my site of or and drop me a visit; as a result you will get a free speech along with my extremely popular “Stop Self Doubt” whistle and safety light. Everyone in your group gets one free. Be safe, be confident and  have an awesome summer…with some coins hopefully in your pocket.


Eileen Strong


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