Summer Break….or Broke?

Well the summer is here, and you are home looking for work or  going to work competing against the people who have lost their jobs. This is frustrating for you and for the underpaid adult, looking for any income to help his family.

My son is in his 5th year of life guarding for the government. He is now at $11.50 an hour and loving the income. But what about all the other lifeguards? It is a “boring most of the time” job and has about 10 of intense excitement…followed by a lot of yelling at kids, telling them to “stop running!” At least he is getting paid.

What can you do to increase your income? Be creative….look at your neighborhood and approach them with ideas. Everything is location, location, location….so make it work for you.

What about cleaning out their  gutters?

Painting their fence, garage doors, front doors or window trim.

Offer to wash and detail the cars in your neighborhood.

Take care of their pets and mail and packages while they are on vacation.

Clean out their garages or basements.

C’mon be careative…look at your neighborhood and look for the potential  dollar signs!

Offer a “garage sale” for them and do all the busy  work and share the profits 50/50!   It’s their stuff, but your time.

Success can be yours in a very profitable way.

Enjoy your break without being broke!

Eileen Strong


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